Generation Y? Here’s Why You Might Be Great at Promo Work

There has been much talk in employment circles and in the media about the benefits and drawbacks of the characteristics of Generation Y. We know their work philosophies and needs differ from Generation X and Baby Boomers. Their characteristics can make them great event managers and promo professionals. If you’re a part of Generation Y, here’s why Promo might be the career choice for you.


Democratic Workplace

Baby Boomers and Gen Xers understand the chain of command and the need for the chain of command. Generation Y believes that work should be more democratic, that every voice matters, that respect is earned and people thrive when they have access to decision making. This is ideal for promo work because you have to think on your feet and cannot wait to pass a query up the chain of command and wait for a response, especially where a quick decision might be needed.


They Seek Purpose

Generation Y has very little tolerance for jobs they despise. More than any generation before them, they seek meaning and purpose at work, and a sense of reward that goes beyond the purely financial. Promo work can be high pressure, but there is a tremendous sense of achievement at the end of a successful event. Further, there is no greater sense of achievement than to receive praise and plaudits from the people for which the event was organised.


They Seek Variety and Loath Routine

“Boring” is certainly not a word that applies to promo work. Every day is different; every project is different, bringing its own challenges and variety. This is where Generation Y thrive – the thought that they will learn much from each role and move on to something else quickly where they can apply their new skills is an irresistible draw. Generation Y is the generation with the largest percentage of start-up businesses and they are doing things they are passionate about.


They Love Technology

Generation X might have led the way in creating a tech-savvy generation (the first generation to have computers not just at work but in the home too), but it is Generation Y where technology became a big part of everybody’s life. They know how to use social media and have a curious attitude towards new software and hardware. They are very much at home with learning new technology. Most events cannot succeed without a web presence.


A Strong Belief in Teamwork

Despite the reputation for being a selfish generation, Ys are very big on teamwork. They understand that a project cannot succeed without everybody pulling together – the perfect attitude for promo and events management where one weakness can lead to disaster. They are ambitious, they want to get ahead, but they want to do so by shining within a successful team where everyone receives acknowledgment for their valuable contribution.