Want Promo Work? Look Online

It may seem a little unusual, but the best place to find event work is on the Internet. So if you’ve noticed happy people working at an event and wondered how you could get in on the action, open up your computer or tablet and get to typing.

Here are some ways to find work in your area using the World Wide Web.


Network with Those in the Industry

Many promo jobs are hired via word of mouth. This means you need people to know who you are so that they can refer you to work. If you know someone that works in promotions connect with them on Facebook, text or email. Chances are, when they are asked to recommend someone, they will contact you.

You can also try joining promotional social networks. Some are public and others are invite-only. These social networks might be located on sites dedicated to event promotions, or they may be under other larger social networks such as Facebook or Linkedin. While some of these groups are public, and will list jobs to its members, the best job listings are found in the invite-only groups.


Register with Agencies

Promotional events are managed by promotional agencies. While you may find individual projects online, they are often projects that agencies cannot fill with their current list of staff. Because there are likely more jobs that they don’t advertise, a much better way of going after it is registering with the agencies. These agencies may have many more projects than you can find from word-of-mouth.

Registering with agencies can range from being fairly simple, to be extremely time-consuming. Some will simply ask for a promotional resume and a candid picture. Others will require recommendations, a completed profile and possibly an in-person interview. Choose agencies that have the type of work you like to do (brand ambassador, tour, costume character, promotional modeling, etc) and the type of brands you enjoy (technology, food, alcohol, etc). Also, be sure they have listings in your area.

If you are not sure if an agency has projects in your area, pay attention to the profile section while you are filling it out. If you live in a large city and they list it by its neighborhoods rather than one large section for the entire city that is a clue that they staff a lot of events in that area.


Visit Job Boards

While registering with agencies and using word-of-mouth should keep you busy in any major market, you may need to supplement job leads by visiting job boards. Promotional events can be found in a variety of places online, from traditional job sites to specialized sites like Promo Work .

When searching traditional job boards, be sure to look in both gig and job sections. While many promotional jobs are indeed gigs, some, like promotional tours, are long term assignments that businesses consider to be jobs. Promotional marketing jobs have been listed under marketing, sales, public relations, and customer service sections.

To save time when using a job board, use a tool like indeed.com to have job leads sent to your inbox. It collects leads from popular job boards such as HotJobs, Monster, and Craigslist. It is a useful tool, but it does have its drawbacks. Promo jobs typically fill very fast, and many projects are filled by the time indeed delivers it to you. When that happens, apply anyway. The agency posting the project may have other projects in the near future.

As you can see, it can be easy to find more than enough promo jobs if you use the tools available via the Internet. Combine that with doing a great job at every event and you are well on your way to an amazingly fun career.