Use SEO to Help People Find Your Event Faster

You may not think of yourself as a web content marketer, even if you realise the importance of great web presence in promoting your event. Yet you are probably already using some typical SEO tactics, even if you didn’t realise it and even if you didn’t realise how important it is to use all avenues to make your event findable. Follow basic SEO to help people find your event faster.

Use Search Engine Maps

You should be doing this for any public event to maximise attendees. For locals, you want to appeal to as many people as possible within the catchment area. For attendees throughout the country and coming from abroad, they want to know where you are, local hotels and other facilities, transport access and so on. Google research shows one of the first things people look at when finding an event is a map, so use maps SEO to help people find your event faster.

Landing Page

Aside from any specific SEO issues, attendees for public events now expect to see that you have a dedicated page. It’s more professional than having the information hosted by a third party, even if that third party ranks highly and is prestigious (for example, featuring your charity running event on Runners World. The natural assumption will be that your event is a little low key and therefore nothing really to get excited about). When you have your own landing page, you can use other methods of SEO to help people find your event faster.

Relevant Keywords on Your Event Page

Effective use of keywords is standard SEO practice. Use variations on keywords and if you have the time and inclination, do some basic keyword research to optimise your site further. Use relevant short tail (“wedding fair” for example) and long tail keywords (“sports autograph signing south east 2015”) in your SEO to help people find your event faster by narrowing down their searches. Don’t overdo it with keywords (what is called “keyword stuffing”) or you wil l turn readers off and Google will penalise you.

Write a Blog

What’s better than having a great landing page with relevant, searchable keywords to bring people to your site and increase potential attendee numbers? Having multiple pages with multiple relev ant keywords. A blog gives you opportunity to go into detail about your event. You can also create useful backlinks “last week, we highlighted the benefits of the silver package (these two words should link to post on silver package). Today, we want to show you the benefits of being a gold package attendee” which improves SEO.

Social Media Hashtags

Everybody is using hashtags today; it has become so useful in finding events that even Facebook has incorporated them. Set up both a Twitter account and a Facebook page and make sure you spread the word using this method. It may not be the first thing that jumps to mind when using SEO to help people find your event faster, but successful hashtags do appear in Google’s listings, giving you even more exposure and what’s better – others will do your SEO for you.