The Degrees Most in Demand for 2015

The economy is in recovery which is good news for everybody, but especially so for graduates who have had a tough time since the crash of 2008. Tales of Oxbridge graduates working in bars because they could get nothing else, persistent rejection for being over-qualified and being expected to work for free as interns for companies unlikely to offer them a role after six months or more. The picture is improving and here are the degrees most in demand – the best ones for getting you a job.


This sector has always been one of the degrees most in demand and anyone taking the qualification during the financial downturn would not have found much of a problem finding suitable employment. The country will always need engineers as there is always scope for expansion. Most in demand now are aerospace engineers (especially in the EU), environmental engineers and industrial engineers (the latter especially with the growth in manufacturing) as the world seeks to reduce carbon emissions and develop environmentally friendly technologies and industries of tomorrow.


With most of the banks recovered in the western world, they are recruiting again so there will be a lot of work in investment banking and raw recruits straight out of university who are hungry for a career in the city should not have much trouble finding suitable work. The UK is one of the top financial sectors in the world so finance is one of the degrees most in demand. Accounting too has seen more recruitment in 2014 than in previous years; there are options to work in business and some are finding the benefits of freelancing.

Computer Science

Particularly those associated with software development. With gaming, mobile development, open source software there seems to be no limit to the expansion capabilities of the IT sector right now. Though there is no shortage of graduates coming out of university with these degrees, nor is there seemingly a shortage of jobs. IT qualifications will be for many years, some of the degrees most in demand. With no shortage of hardware coming into the market – particularly in the realm of mobile devices, there will always need to be software developers especially.


It has been the case for a long time that the core STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are in huge demand with too few students applying every year and consequently, leaving the country with a skills shortage. Engineering and Technology are above, and the areas most underrepresented are the hard sciences of physics, chemistry and biology, and maths. This means if you leave university with one of these, then you will have one of the degrees most in demand.

Health & Social Care

Though these subjects remains a constant demand in boom times or in bust, health managers expect an exponential increase in the number of vacancies over the next few years as the Baby Boomers start to retire. They will require more healthcare, especially in the form of carers where there has always been a shortage. We are going to need more nurses, more Doctors, even HCAs and specialists. It is expected to be one of the degrees most in demand for a long time to come.