How to Get the Red Arrows at Your Event

The big summer events such as the International Air Tattoo, Falmouth Week and The British Grand Prix at Silverstone nearly always have one thing in common. Each of these events features the prestigious and famous Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team – or as they are more commonly known –The Red Arrows.

They have been around since the 1960s and have wowed audiences all over the world ever since. If you want to know how to get The Red Arrows at your event, read on.


What’s So Great About The Red Arrows?

The world’s greatest, if not certainly the world’s most famous, aerobatic display team. Made up of volunteers from the RAF who must have completed a tour of duty in a Harrier, Tornado or other conventional fighter, they are considered a great investment for public relations for the RAF, as a recruitment tool and as corporate entertainment for potential investors.

If you are looking for a display at your location, you will be amongst 1 of 300 annual applicants and unfortunately, only around a quarter of these can be honoured as their May-September performance season programme fills up very quickly. You can get the Red Arrows at your event if you follow the correct procedure. Here’s how to do it.


Essential Tips: Get the Red Arrows at Your Event

It’s important to note that the pilots themselves do not choose where they will perform; you must apply to the RAF Events Team who makes the decision based on your application. You must visit the website to download their application form and send it by post (details below).

There are two types of appearance you can request to get The Red Arrows at your event.


The Fly Past

This type of appearance is exactly what it sounds like. There is arguably a greater chance of seeing The Red Arrows at your event if you ask them to pass over your location when transiting from one display to another – better still if you request a large window. A simple change of course is all it will take if they are performing elsewhere over the date of your request – always subject to weather conditions and operational procedure. They will not deviate too far from a course and cannot do fly pasts for weddings, funerals or birthdays. If you have a bigger event, then by all means consider applying.


Red Arrows Display

Firstly, it’s important to note that it can cost as much as £9,000 to have The Red Arrows perform an aerobatic display at your event. Therefore, they tend to be limited to truly big events where there will be many people and the cost is not considered a vast expense (thousands of people attend the events mentioned above so it is worth the expense to draw in more people).

If the cost is not off-putting, and you would like them to consider your event, then you have to apply by the end of September of one year for consideration for the following year. For full details and to apply, see the dedicated website which also has an application form.