How to Become a Promotional Model: 7 Steps to Success

Do you love promoting products you use every day? Well, by becoming a Promotional Model and by doing what you love, you can earn a living for yourself. Promotional models or promo models, event marketers, brand ambassadors, and product specialists are all the same. Their job is to become the voice or the face of their chosen company or brand as they advocate their company’s or brand’s products and services in a positive and professional way.

Many people are getting involved in promotional modeling and are opting for it as a career choice, and for good reason too – because once you do everything right to land yourself regular gigs, your career will eventually become fruitful and lucrative. But ‘doing everything right’ is a tough ask. Therefore, we here to educate our readers just how you can do everything right and become a successful promotional model. In this post we have compiled and compacted a resourceful list:  “How to Become a Promo Model: 7 Steps to Success”.

Get Your Pictures Taken: Getting great pictures taken of yourself is the first step to advance yourself towards a successful promotional modeling career. Ideally, there are two types of pictures you will need; headshots and full body shots. Both picture types are essential for your prospective employers.

Develop a Dress Sense: If you are looking to pursue a career in promotional modeling, you must look the part. You need to have a clear idea of when to wear what type of clothes. Moreover, prospective employers, especially clothing companies, are really interested in hiring promotional models which have a great dress sense.

Create a Strong Resume: A strong resume is another essential part of being able to apply to promotional modeling gigs. Promotional modeling resumes must include personal statistics such as dress size, shoe size, eye color, hair color, body measurements, and other important physical features. Be sure to include any special skills that you might have, along with all your previous experience.

Start Your Quest to Find Work: Once you have your pictures and resume ready, you can start your job search. There are a number of routes, besides us,  you can take to find work, including; marketing agencies, Facebook groups and other social media, Craigslist, browsing the internet, signing up for modeling websites, and networking with other promotional models.

Respond to Job Offers Efficiently: Whenever you receive a response from a prospective employer you must remember to be professional in writing your response or speaking over the phone professionally. Also, be mindful of always carrying your phone where ever you go – because if you miss a call from a prospective employer, there will be a fair chance you’ll miss the opportunity altogether – since employers move to the next applicant very quickly depending on the applicant pool and their staffing urgency.

Invest in Yourself: Consider yourself a business. So, just as you would invest in your business, you must invest in yourself. Get your own website created, join a gym, buy a fresh wardrobe, and remember to follow important blogs related to the industry – or go a step further and set up your Promo Work job alerts.

Don’t Give Up: Absolutely never ever give up! Getting your first few jobs will be the hardest part of your career but once your name starts making the rounds, it will be (relatively) smooth sailing from there on out.