Hiring Trade Show Staff: Recruiting Company Employees vs. Hiring Professional Models

When you have a trade show display, you will need to do everything that you can make it a success. One of the critical elements that will make your trade show succeed is hiring of professional trade show staff. There are a number of factors that come into play when you want to hire trade show staff.

The amount of money that you will be willing to spend on the staffing for trade show exhibits will influence the people who you will be able to hire. There are some essential considerations that you should bear in mind so as to guarantee the success of your trade show exhibit.

Knowledge and Enthusiasm

When you have the need to hire trade show models, you should find those who have enthusiasm and some knowledge about the products that will be exhibited. This will make your trade show booth have some vibrancy that will appeal to all the visitors.

If you have someone who is puffed up with knowledge but lacks the passion to talk to visitors, this may not be the right candidate. Conversely, if you hire trade show staff that are enthusiastic, but lack knowledge about the products being showcased, it will not serve the interests of your exhibition.

Having a combination of both traits would be a great thing, but if you have to choose between the two, you should hire trade show models that are passionate. It is easier to train them and give them the relevant knowledge about the products.

Consider the Needs of the Visitors

When planning for a trade fair, most people are keen on the design of the booth so that they can attract visitors. The design of the booth is influenced by the type of visitors that the exhibitors intend to attract. This is should be same when it comes to hiring trade show staff. You need to find a team that will serve the needs of the targeted visitors.

If you are attending an exhibition about academics, then you should hire trade show models that have good academic backgrounds, even if they are not aggressive. This will go a long way to meet the expectations of the audience and work to make you enjoy great success from the trade show.

Recruit Trade Show Staff from Within

Whether you choose to hire trade show models from within the company or outsource, the objective should be finding the ones that will serve the purpose. If you are to recruit within the company, you should consider the number of people requires for the trade show and how many are available from the company.

You need to establish the ones who have great knowledge about the products and can also speak to crowds without much difficulty. Recruiting from within may be a great advantage if you have technical products. Your staff members will be better placed to take all the visitors through the products and answer any technical queries that may arise.

Having a Mixed Team

There are instances where you may have to hire trade show models to work with the internal employees. This is one of the ways to achieve the two critical traits that trade show staff should possess; knowledge of the products and enthusiasm. Your employees may be well informed of the products but tend to lack the passion to speak to crowds.

In order to deal with this, you can hire trade show staff members that are passionate and put them together with the employees who are knowledgeable. This will work to the advantage of your exhibition. The professional models will be tasked with attracting visitors to the booth, while the employees will describe the products and make sales.

This division of labor will have a whole lot of advantages to offer and will certainly boost the level of success of the trade exhibition. The main task would be establishing the right candidates to hire as the models for the trade show.

Cost Implications

Before hiring trade show staff, it is important to evaluate the ROI. This simply means that you will be factoring in the cost implication and the benefit that will be drawn from the trade show. There are a number of variables to consider before making the decision as to whether you should use your employees of hire trade show models. If you have a local conference, it may be economical to work with your internal employees to minimize the costs.

However, if you have to fly miles away, hiring professional models, from the region where the trade show is being held, may be the logical option. This will save you the cost of having to play for plane tickets, meals, and accommodation for your staff. When working with the local talent, you will not have to worry about meals, accommodation, travels and other expenses.

Attracting Prospects

The other critical element that you should always bear in mind is if you will achieve your objective. The main purpose of exhibiting at a trade fair is to be able to get more customers and generate leads. You may find that it is cheaper to hire trade show staff from the local area, but they may not have the technical knowhow to describe your products. As a result, this may repel customers who will not fully understand your product. This is why you should check to ensure that you have the right matrix to attract customers and convert.

The other challenge is, in most cases, the technical guys tend to be reserved and may not be able to attract the customers to your booth. As such, visitors may end up overlooking your booth since there is nothing to appeal to them.

The best option when hiring trade show staff is to ensure that you have a team that comprises of experienced staff and outspoken models. You can put up a mechanism whereby the models will attract the visitors and after the initial engagement hand them over to the technical guys. It is important to sort out the issues of trade show staff before setting up your booth.

The Perfect Formula for Hiring Trade Show Staff

Before attending the next trade show, it is important to evaluate a number of things and ensure that you have the perfect team of trade show staff. There are cases when companies will under-staff or over-staff the trade show booths. You should be able to have projections on the number of visitors who will be attending the trade fair. With this in mind, you will be able to hire trade show models, proportionally. Studies indicate that in any trade show, about 16% of the overall attendees will have an interest in your booth.

With this in mind, the first and most important thing is to estimate the number of visitors that you wish to reach out to. Once you have that number, you should divide this number by the hours that your booth will be operational so as to estimate the number of visitors to attend to in an hour. With this figure, you can hire trade show models depending on the number of visitors each can handle in a given time.

Over and above, you should always consider so many other elements when it comes to hiring trade show staff. It is not cast on stone that you should use your company employees or hire professional models. This will be influenced by the audience you are targeting and the type of products that are being showcased at the trade show.

Having a combination of knowledge and enthusiasm is the winning formula for trade show staffing. This will allow you to maximize on the number of potential buyers hat attend the event. There are companies that specialize in staffing solutions for trade shows, and you can reach out to them to help you hire trade show staff.