Going Beyond Looks: Vital Skills That a Promo Girl Must Have

Whenever we mention the role of a promo girl, we instantly think of someone who is very pretty, long legged, has a bright white smile, and has all the curves in the right places. In reality though, the promo girl position goes beyond this very basic stereotype.

In fact, having a career in promo work requires more than just sheer beauty. Here’s why:

  • The work of a promo girl is different from that of a model. Though there are similarities, the promo girl actually plays a vital part in the big picture of marketing. The job entails interaction with customers, guests or clients. In many cases, the promo girl can be tasked to take part in generating sales for the company!
  • Spellbinding beauty is not a necessity to become a promo girl. Yes, you heard that right. Though good looks and an attractive physical appearance are an advantage, one doesn’t need to look like Eva Longoria and Kate Upton to qualify for a career in promo. When it comes to any kind of marketing related work, good personality and communication skills are more bankable assets than mere looks.

If you think you have what it takes to enter a career in promo work, here are the skills and qualifications that you should focus on developing:

  1. Good communication. Many people think that good communication is the ability to talk non-stop and never run out of words to say or stories to tell. Wrong. Good communication is all about interacting well enough with another person to listen intently, and give an appropriate response at the right time. This skill comes in handy for a promo girl in situations like trade events or field marketing campaigns, when direct conversations with customers frequently happen. You have to develop good conversational skills that doesn’t bore or annoy people. It is important to learn the skill of keeping others interested in what you have to say.


  1. Understanding of the sales process. Though the promo girl is not in charge of closing sales, she must understand the whole sales process of the organization so that she can point customers to the right direction. For example, if she is approached by a potential major supplier, she must recognize the opportunity and keep the connection going in a simple conversation, then refer the business to her superiors. Another example: if the promo girl is giving away free samples of a product, she must be able to give an enticing invitation to the potential customers so that they will end up buying the product. In these situations, a lack of sales “IQ” can be costly, and this is why promo people should develop a general understanding of sales.


  1. High degree of people tolerance. It is no secret that the marketing field will allow anyone to meet different kinds of people with different attitudes from different walks of life. Every now and then, it is impossible to avoid irate or annoying customers, prank callers, and people with rude behavior. A promo girl must understand that this is part of the job and must be able to handle difficult people with a higher degree of tolerance.


Don’t get us wrong. Looks play an important part in promo work, but there is more to this line of work than just looking cute. You must acquire some people skills and develop a familiarity of basic business principles to have a higher chance of success.