Five ways to live stream an event: And maintain attendance

Instinct has it that streaming a live event may demolish rather than attract attendees. After all, if you can watch from the comfort of your home why would you make the trip to view it live?

That could not be further from the truth. Moreover, If you have a clear strategy, direction, and execution, it can prove to be a fantastic asset to your event marketing and promotion. It’s all about the how, the why, and the story you’re trying to tell.

Here we list just five ways you can use live streaming in a way that won’t kill your attendance numbers and will help you to gain and retain genuine interest in your event.


Build your audience: Live stream the big moments of your event.

If you’re putting on an industry or professional conference you will often have specific highlight key-notes that may have much broader appeal than the rest of your conference. Use these big moments to drive a broad audience to a well-timed live stream. This really works if you have a well-known speaker and use the power of social media to attract attention from news journalists and other key influencers to your live stream.

Use Facebook Live:  Give people a convenient taste of the event

Firstly, Facebook Live is a cheap and effective tool to showcase your event to an online audience, if you use it well. Secondly, Facebook Live is growing, with clued-in audiences flocking to it’s convenance and accessibility. Using Facebook Live for selective and intriguing content – and by planning your coverage and event story before going live – it can offer live action from the event or exclusive insider snippets of speeches, event highlights and main attractions. For those who lack a large social media following, or lack the time to grow one, it may be worthwhile reaching out to key industry influencers and asking them to Facebook Live from your event.

Go big: Make the conference the feature of the live stream

Rather than focusing on the periphery, why not use a live stream to focus people’s attention on how amazing a place your event is – and be a part of. This works perfectly for conferences that know that their audience is mainly interested in the conversations and networking opportunities it provides.

Promotion is key: Use live streaming to advertize your conference/event

Entering ever closer to 2017, live streaming is now playing a crucial role in promoting events in the weeks and months prior to launch. By hosting chat events or specific incentives that will draw in specific demographics of your audience, live streaming is becoming an effective promotional marketing tool. Start off by creating a registration page to collect leads, and use this cohort to feed your marketing automation.

Create a cumulative series: Combine parallel conferences/events

A large percentage of event managers hold repeat or parallel events to offer the same conference content when audiences can’t (or won’t) travel to a single event. By providing a ‘live link-up’ – effectively two-way web conferencing to link different conference spaces –  event organisers can offer a unified way to bring this content together and share speeches or hold group discussions. As a result, you’re able to attract potentially larger audiences to the same core-conference content.