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Execution – this is one of the most critical factors that will influence the outcome of any event. Whether it is a product launch, corporate anniversary, or a national conference, among others, it is vital to have proper implementation. It is not enough that you have a bright idea. At the end of the day, you can only succeed if it is going to be executed properly. Detailed planning is necessary, but what is more important is having meticulous execution. This is where the expertise of event staffing agencies enters the picture. They will be able to extend a helping hand, providing you with the guarantee that the event will be staffed with the right people.

What is an Event Staffing Agency?

Event staffing agencies, as the name implies, are companies that specialize in providing manpower for different events. The people that they employ can include models, hosts, brand ambassadors, singers, dancers, product specialists, and event managers, among others. Essentially, they provide the workforce. They provide the people who will make any event possible. The client no longer needs to find people for the event. All that they need is the right agency to source manpower for them.

Through working with event staffing agencies, you will be able to trigger human interaction in any event. For instance, let us take a look at how it can be used in the field of marketing. Sure, you can use digital technologies to promote any product. However, when people just see a video to promote the product, they might have a lot of questions. Through having an event staff during a product launch, on the other hand, there is an actual human interaction. The staff can let customers touch, see, and feel the actual product. They can also be trained so that they can answer some of the basic questions that the customers can possibly have.

When to Hire Event Staffing Agencies 

As long as you need people, it does not matter what is the event, you can hire these agencies. You can hire them in trade shows, national conferences, sales rallies, product launching, corporate parties, festivals, mall promotions, flash mobs, street promotions, sporting events, and in-store demos, among others. Sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities.

Benefits of Working with Event Staffing Agencies 

Among other things, the expertise of these agencies is perhaps one of the reasons why working with them will be a good idea. Many of them have been doing it for years, providing the company with the knowledge that is hard to rival. For those who are novices in event planning, it is possible that you do not know what kind of skills to look for in the staff you are looking for. These agencies, on the other hand, backed with their relevant experience, will know what to look for and who to hire.

There are also cost benefits that can be enjoyed by working with event staffing agencies. Some people might think that they are expensive, but when you analyze it, you can see that working with an agency is indeed a cost-effective strategy. For instance, let us say that you will be launching a product in a different country. Will you bring your staff with you to act as brand ambassadors? Working with an agency will be better as they will be the ones responsible for looking for people who can aid in promoting your brand. There is no need to shoulder travel and accommodation expenses of your own people.

More than just financial savings, you can also save a lot of time when working with event staffing agencies. In general sense, event planning can be stressful and will definitely eat up a chunk of your time. You can minimize the burden on your end by working with a reputable agency that can help you ensure the success of an event. These agencies will be the one to brief the staff and will even handle their payments.

The reduction of no-shows is also a benefit that can be yielded by working with event staffing agencies. If you use your employees as staff for an event, if they did not make it for whatever reason, you might have a problem. With staffing agencies, on the other hand, they have a database containing profiles of their people. They can easily find a replacement when one of the staffs is not able to make it.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the event. The benefits mentioned above, however, will only be apparent if you choose to work with the right company. If you make the wrong decision, you will end up with incompetent people and an event that will haunt you forever. This brings us to the next part of the discussion.

Choosing an Agency

If you are looking for event staffing agencies, you will definitely end up being overwhelmed with the abundance of the choices that are available. This, however, does not mean that you can choose just any provider. Your decision will have a significant impact on the outcome of the event. With this, make sure to keep in mind the factors that will be mentioned below:

  • Reputation: It is important to choose one that has built an established reputation. With this, one of the things that you have to do is to take a look at their experience in the business. It will be good if they have been involved with the work for many years already. If they have survived these years, this means that they are a trusted choice. After all, they would have just closed down years ago if people do not trust the service and staff that they provide.
  • Feedback: This is also an excellent way to gauge the reputation of the event staffing agencies. You can go online and take a look at the reviews that have been shared by people who were generous enough to help others. If you are wary of trusting what strangers have to say, you can ask around from people you personally know who have worked with different agencies in the past. With their insights and experiences, it will be easier to differentiate the possibilities that you will be confronted with.
  • Past Projects: This will be another good way to evaluate the reputation of the agency. Take a look at the projects that they have completed in the past. More often than not, they will have a portfolio containing a collection of the events where they have been hired in the past. You can use this to gauge their performance and to arrive at a well-informed decision.
  • Price: Planning an event is not an easy undertaking. There are many things that should be taken care of, and one of the most important would be the financial considerations. More often than not, there are budget constraints that could make planning more challenging. With this, ask for a quote from various event staffing agencies and evaluate how they will fit based on your allotted budget. Take note, however, that being cheap is not always a guarantee of being a good choice, especially if this is going to compromise the quality of the service that you will be provided with.
  • Nature of the Event: Not all event staffing agencies are created the same. With this, when deciding which one to pick, it is important to first consider the nature of the event that will be mounted. For instance, think about its size. How many people will be attending? Where is it going to be held? If it is a national conference, for example, choose a large firm that can handle the demands of the event.
  • Interview: Never make any decision without interviewing representatives from the event staffing agencies that you are taking into consideration. This will be an opportunity for you to clarify your expectations. In the same way, this will provide the agency with the chance to pitch their services, to convince you, and to prove that they are better than all other alternatives. See how they treat their clients, which can be an indication of the working relationship that you will have. Ask relevant questions and use their answers in order to gauge how fit they are for your organization’s requirements.


Youtube is your friend

Behind the extensive prose and google search results lies a wealth of visual clues that can really help narrow down the selection process.

The majority of agencies will want to show the world their achievements, client names, and successful activations. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and should not be ignored when researching your next experiential partner. A simple search for ‘agency name  + showreel’ should  bring about a wealth of results that can help with your decision.

Mistakes That You Should Avoid

When looking for event staffing agencies, make sure to not commit the following mistakes:

  • Deciding Too Late: From the very start, accept it – planning the event is not easy. Especially if it is going to be massive, you cannot do it on your own. You cannot ask your employees to do the jobs that are not their specializations. With this, from early on, start looking for an agency to partner with. Avoid delaying the decision process. The earlier you decide to work with an agency, the better the outcomes will be.
  • Not Considering your Company’s Image: Think of the personality of your brand. Are you professional? Are you playful? This will help to decide which agency to choose. Make sure to choose one that will also be reflective of whom you are. The staff that they will be providing will be in the frontline, making it critical for them to be a showcase of what the company is all about as well.
  • Making a Decision Based on Price: Earlier, we have mentioned that price is one of the most important factors in choosing the best. However, not all event staffing agencies with cheap prices can be a good choice. More often than not, price is an indication of the quality of service that they can deliver. With this, make sure to carefully find the perfect balance between price and quality.
  • Not Consulting with the Team: Even if you are the one in charged in planning an event, before making a decision, it is important to consult with the team. Ask them about their opinions. In some instances, they might even have recommendations on which agency to hire. It is important that they agree with who you choose in order to ensure an excellent working relationship.


Signs That You Need an Agency

Still not convinced that you need the help of event staffing agencies? Here are some of the things that you should watch out for:

  • Dismal Sales: Look at your financial report. By now, if you are depressed, it means one thing – the sales are dwindling. Minimal sales should inspire you to do better. If the market is booming but your business is not benefitting, it might be a good idea to hire event staffing agencies. They can help you in organizing promotional activities, such as in assembling street teams and brand ambassadors who will be critical in effectively increasing awareness about your products and services.
  • Things are not getting done: Let us use marketing as an example again. If you have just launched a new product and if marketing is proving to be ineffective, this could be another indication that working with event staffing agencies is warranted. They can provide you with experienced models and ambassadors. They can even help you come up with the right strategy to generate buzz.
  • Past Events Have Failed: The past can provide you with significant learnings, which should be an opportunity for you to improve. In this case, if you had experiences of failed events before, do not let it happen again. Start looking for event staffing agencies to make sure that you will succeed this time. There should be no room for errors.
  • Your Employees are Complaining: Do not let your employees do things that are not included in their job descriptions. If they are complaining about things that are not supposed to be their responsibility, this is another indication that you should be looking for event staffing agencies to extend the necessary assistance.


Agencies for consideration

Promo Work has taken the opportunity to compile a short directory of staffing agencies throughout the US and UK. Whilst by no means conclusive, we hope it will serve as a quick guide for reference. Promo Work is by no means associated with these agencies and we’d strongly encourage you to complete your own research before employing any agency.



United States Index


Event Staffing Agencies in New York

With a current population of 8.5 million people, New York is one of the hottest and most in-demand cities for experiential events, brand promotions, and product launches. To compliment this thriving metropolis there are no shortages of event staffing agencies in New York. Here are five of the leading events & promotional staffing agencies on offer, however, there are 100’s of others to choose from – ranging from niche to full-service – there’s truly something for everyone in the Big Apple!


Event Staffing Agencies in Los Angeles

The second largest city in the US, the City of Angels, boasting a population of 3.5 million and a booming experiential industry has no shortage of event staffing agencies. Like New York, agencies range from niche to full-service and cater to budgets for the small one-time activation  to the breath-takingly massive international product launch. Here are five of our favorites, but the available options are extensive.


Event Staffing Agencies in Chicago

Chicago is booming! With an experiential marketing industry equivocal to that on NYC, it should come as no surprise that Chicago has hundreds of event staffing agencies just waiting to take your business. Here are five for your consideration:


Event Staffing Agencies in Houston, TX

The most populous city in Texas and a mecca for experiential marketing – Houston has an abundance of event staffing agencies to fulfil any product or brand activation.


Event Staffing Agencies in Philadelphia, PA

Last, but by no means least, we have Philadelphia, PA. With a population of 1.5 million and an annual experiential turnover in the 10’s of millions, Philadelphia is a hot bed of marketing, staffing and experiential agencies to established to suit all budgets and projects.


The United Kingdom: A treasure trove for event staffing agencies

The experiential marketing scene in the UK is huge – and it goes without saying that some of the largest and most established event staffing agencies have an office or two here. The last decade has seen massive industry growth, and to cater to this, agencies have diversified and spread further afield. What used to be almost exclusively a ‘London thing’, event staffing agencies have now spread their wings and offices throughout most of the UK. Needless to say you can now find a range of agency services in almost any major city in the UK.



Event Staffing Agencies in London

London needs no introduction. As the capital city of the UK it serves as a marketing hub for the entire country. With a population of approximately 8.5 million people, and one of the largest marketing industries in the world, it comes as no surprise that you will be spoilt for choice when selecting your next event staffing partner. Here are our five top picks:


Event Staffing Agencies in Bristol


Final Words

Indeed, working with event staffing agencies can be useful in many instances. In any event, the power of the people is important because it can create the best experiences. With this, having the right staff is essential. These people will help in achieving the highest level of success, which makes it important that they are provided with the right agency. Regardless of the event that is being planned, see to it that it is staffed with the right people, and success will be apparent.