Classes That Can Improve Your Event Marketing Career

It’s pretty easy to start an event marketing career, but it can be quite hard to grow past the brand ambassador stage. That’s because the only skill you need is a great attitude, great appearance and the willingness to work. It’s almost like getting a job at McDonald’s – have the right attitude and work ethic, and they’ll probably let you flip some burgers. However, if you want to make it to restaurant management, you’ll need to put in a little extra hours and some training.

The same is true in event marketing, even if you don’t want to move into management. There are many options outside of brand ambassador, but most times, you’ll need additional skills to be considered for them. Even if you never manage, it is in your interest to gain some skills so that you’d have access to better pay and cooler gigs.

Here are some promotional skills that can be improved by classes.


Public Speaking

Have you ever considered being an emcee? If so, you will need to have some pretty good public speaking skills. Emcees, crowd gatherers, and product demonstrators possess this skill, and generally get paid more because they have it.

The good thing is, public speaking is not something you have to be born with. You can learn how to do it better. Classes on delivering powerful messages can be taken online or at the university level. Take a couple classes, add it to your resume and watch your job options grow.


Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t noticed, social media marketing and promotional marketing go hand and hand. While many brands create separate marketing programs for each, there are some that will combine social media with event promotions. One popular area where this might be seen is event marketing tours. These on-the-road events might include social media posting by the tour staff, to keep fans engaged between events and get them to show up.

Taking online classes on social media marketing can help any brand ambassador learn how to connect with others and represent a brand using social media. It’s not a skill most event marketers will need, but it is one that could become very useful for some.



Want to get an edge on every other brand ambassador? Try taking acting classes. Acting teaches the important skills of delivery, presence and staying in character. Promo actors make excellent costume characters, emcees, and promotional models because they are able to entertain a crowd while still remembering/delivering the brand messaging. They also tend to be more professional.

You can easily learn acting fundamentals at a local college or through community theaters. It’s a fun skill that will be likely be used in every aspect of a promo career.


Foreign Language

Just like many other jobs, the ability to speak a foreign language can be very useful in a promotional marketing career. Typically, however, this skills needs to be at an expert level before it should be used. No company wants a brand ambassador accidently calling the product ‘disgusting,’ just because they mistakenly thought they said ‘delightful.’

Foreign language classes are ideal for speakers that already speak the language, but could use some perfecting. They can be taken online or at local schools. For the best results in using this skill, try to gain fluency in a language popular in your market. The goal is to become the brand ambassador that is able to reach the most people. If you can speak the language of the people brands are trying to reach, you’ll be a lot more likely to stay busy with work.