Avoid Saying These Things During A Job Interview

A great deal is said about resumes and cover letters, but the most difficult aspect of landing a new job is the interview. Up to the point of the interview you have been a set of qualifications and experiences, now you are presenting yourself and must prove that you are the right fit for both the job and the company. It can be hard to predict what questions a hiring manager may ask, but there are certain things that you should avoid during a job interview if you wish to leverage it into a job.

I am nervous

The interviewer expects that you will be nervous, but if you feel so ”off your game” that you need to mention your nervousness, they may question your ability to handle professional situations. No matter how nervous you are, you must portray a confident and professional manner at all times.

I am clueless

Obviously, you would never say those three words outright, but job seekers often say it through the questions they ask or don’t ask. Interviewers spend a great deal of time sorting through all of the candidates for a job; they expect that you will know the basics about the job you applied for. At the very least you should have read a job description and researched the company online before you step into an interview.

Let me tell you about my last boss

Every interviewer is going to ask you why you left your last position. This question can be a trap if you start talking about your former boss or the company in an overly negative way. The lack of professionalism this shows aside, the interviewer will wonder what you may say about them or their company in the future. Always describe former work environments in terms of goals met or skills learned.

My biggest weakness

One of the most ubiquitous questions asked during an interview today is ”what is a weakness you would like to work on?” The question offers the interviewer an opportunity to gauge your self-assessment skills. It also offers you an opportunity to standout or fail miserably. While there is no perfect answer, there is a definite answer to avoid. Never admit to a weakness that is a key part of the potential job. If you will be required to interact with customers on a daily basis, never tell an interviewer that you need to work on your networking or customer interaction skills.

Let me get this

In today’s world, cellphones are a necessity, but they have no place in a job interview. It is surprising how many people think that it is acceptable to answer their cellphone no matter the setting. Many interviewers will take you off their short list for forgetting to set your phone to vibrate, let alone answering it.

You must be prepared for any question during an interview. You must research the company and position that you have applied for. Additionally, you should talk yourself through some questions before the interview begins. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident. Always remember that it is better to pause briefly before giving an answer than to give a rambling answer than could be detrimental to your prospects.