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Long-term on-site adverts for new or established experiential, staffing, and full-service marketing agencies. Advertise your new staffing agency with us and drive more traffic & sales to your business.

Our audience

Promo Work brings in a worldwide audience of industry-specific job seekers, local brands looking to source talent, small to medium sized agencies, and international companies, such as; Uber, Momentum, and Hyundai. There’s never been a better place to bring attention to your business than right here.

Visitor statistics

60% of traffic is 18-38 years old
55% of traffic is desktop
24% Bounce rate (no-one ever leaves)

The perfect demographic

The average Promo Work visitor spends approximately ten minutes here. In that time they will view fourteen unique pages. One in five visitors applies to one or more jobs; and one in fifteen visitors will end up posting a job. Fifty-eight percent of our traffic is from the US & Canada, thirty percent is from the UK, and twelve percent is from everywhere else.

new staffing agency advertising

Banner ads – $250 p/m

Banner placements drive targeted traffic from our site directly to yours.

All banner placements feature on our homepage under the ‘Companies we love’ header.

Each banner must consist of a company logo, and any direct click will result in the user being sent to your business page.

If necessary, the Promo Work team will adjust your logo dimensions to ensure  a perfect fit.

Image size: The ideal image size for your logo is 250 x 250px (square).

Image format: Your logo image should be sent to us in either JPG, PNG or SVG format. If you logo requires adjustment, we may ask for a vector or eps file to help us make the necessary alterations. Promo Work optimizes all images prior to publication to ensure they display well on all browsers.

promo work publications image laptop

Publications – $500

With Publications, Promo Work will publish an article of content, written by you about your business, to our blog.

Each publication will be published to our blog permanently, serving as a life-long source of traffic to your company.

Articles can be written in any style and contain any content you wish (providing that it’s free from profanity & offence). Example ideas could include: A recent event you staffed, an ‘about your company’ article, an informative article on industry news, an interview with your company’s founder – and so on. They are the perfect way to advertise your new staffing agency.

Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’  – Jef I. Richards

Questions we hear often

How do payments work?

Payments are received as one-off purchases. These are not subscription products. For banner ads, you can define the number of months you wish to display you advert at checkout.

What payments types are accepted?

Promo Work accepts payment via all major credit cards. We do not accept PayPal for advertizing orders.

How long until my ad goes live?

Providing we have received all the necessary information, your advert should be published within 7 working days.

How long do Publications remain published?

Your publication will remain on our blog indefinitely unless you ask us to remove it.

Do you offer on-site analytics?

We are currently working on this. In the meantime, we recommend you use your own analytics account to track data & referrals. Promo Work will be happy to point you in the right direction if you get stuck.